The Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program (MAOP), founded in 1993, is an academic success community founded upon the principles of self- efficacy, mentoring, and peer support. Central to the goal of MAOP is the promotion of diversification within the student body of Virginia Tech. Through partnerships with various academic colleges and departments at Virginia Tech, other colleges and universities, governmental entities, and various organizations, MAOP participants are supported with academic guidance, emotional and social support, and financial support.

The MAOP community is open to all students who demonstrate a clear commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence and are interested in the promotion of diversity in an ever global community. MAOP provides opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students through scholarships, tuition/assistantship support, academic workshops, and undergraduate research opportunities. 

Vision Statement

MAOP is committed to:

  • Creating an environment that supports and retains students to graduation from Virginia Tech and beyond
  • Building partnerships with faculty at Virginia Tech and other higher education institutions, who are willing to financially support and mentor undergraduates through research opportunities
  • Assisting graduate students in navigating the graduate education process, especially students who are historically underrepresented in their disciplines.


Contact Information

Multicultural Academic
Opportunities Program (MC0276)

Femoyer Hall, RM 110, Virginia Tech
280 Stanger ST
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Phone: (540) 231-5023
Fax: (540) 231-2618


Location of Femoyer
Location of Femoyer






2017-18 MAOP Undergraduate Scholarship Application